Amicable Divorce Settlements

Separation can be stressful, but Amicable Divorce Settlements can make it much easier!

We are chartered accountants and we can work with both parties to help YOU work out your financial settlement.  We can help you settle out of court, and avoid having to negotiate through lawyers who will typically pull you in opposite directions. This can save an enormous amount of legal costs, minimizes the stress on your family and allows you to move on with your life much sooner.

As accountants, we do not give legal advice, however we do work closely with family lawyers if any legal input is required and we are happy to recommend any of our legal partners.

Once financial agreement has been reached, we can advise you on all the steps in the process to enable you to finalise your financial settlement.

Only family lawyers can give advice on the legal content of such agreements and we recommend that each party seeks independent legal advice from their respective family lawyers to ensure that their legal rights and interests have been addressed in the agreement.

Matters we can help you with (see services):

  • Establish the pool of net assets    to be divided
  • Look at the best financial options to settle
  • Review of businesses, trusts, companies and valuations
  • Financial mediation to reach agreement
  • Child support and parenting matters
  • Family Court processes
  • Wills and Estate Planning