Professional Services

Assist both parties
ADS can arrange joint or separate meetings for each party, to finalise your Property Settlement.

Analysis of Assets & Liabilities
ADS will compile separate schedules for start of relationship & current asset & liability statements.

Financial Negotiation Experts
ADS staff has many years experience in negotiation between parties to ensure a fair & reasonable Property Settlement.

Financial Children’s matters
We work with both parties to ensure the children are looked after financially by their parents in relation to schooling, medical issues and other activities.

Liaise with Property Settlement Solicitor (You do not have to go to court)
We can provide your solicitor with an accountants report, financial calculation and solicitor instructions to complete the matter in a short time. Your solicitor may prepare the Property Settlement & Divorce (if applicable) paper work for lodging with the Family Court of W.A.

Financial Review
As Chartered accountants, we can analyse any financial statements, accounts and accounting records and reconcile balances and transactions.

Accounting Advice
We have the experience in financial accounting of trusts & taxation matters to advice you what needs to be done to finalise the Property Settlement matter.