Consent Orders

  • Once an agreement has been reached by both parties, they may wish to apply to the Family Court for Consent Orders;
  • Consent Orders are legally binding and enforceable orders obtained from the Family Court for a financial settlement of property and may also include child parenting orders;
  • Both parties can make an application to the Family Court for consent orders without having to go to court themselves;
  • Consent Orders can be obtained before, during or after a relationship has ended;
  • If you want to find the application for consent orders (Form 11), you can down-load it from the family court web site, see (;
  • If the parties agree on consent orders, as only lawyers can give advice on the legal content of any consent orders, we recommend that each party refer back to their respective family lawyers to obtain independent legal advice and feedback to ensure that their legal rights and interests have been addressed in the consent orders;
  • ADS works in partnership with family lawyers who prepare the consent order applications and who can also facilitate the signing and lodging of consent order applications with the Family Court;