Why Amicable Divorce Settlements was started:

  • Traditionally, there  were few other  ways of sorting out a Property Settlement other than through the Legal Process.
  • The Legal  Process is often very drawn out and can tear the parties apart  which can result  in stress, anguish, depression & uncertainty about the final financial outcome. It has lasting effects on relationships with your ex-partner, children, family and friends.
  • Many couples, once they embark on the journey through lawyers and the courts, bitterly regret their decision and wish they could go back and work things out amicably between themselves.
  • By going  through the Legal Process, you  will both win your individual battles,  but will face insane legal costs  during  a period that could last up to 24 months.
  • The Legal  Process is held  by many  to be unfair, whereas the ADS Process enables a professional fair & reasonable outcome to both parties (married & de­ facto couples).
  • The  ADS commitment is to finalize  your Property Settlement without  a legal battle  in court  i.e. “Out of Court” utilizing a solicitor  services to draw up the family court  documentation for filing.
  • The majority of our business has been  derived by referrals. We are good  at what we do, but it does  require each party  to work with us to achieve this amicable goal.
  • ADS are accountants, not lawyers and we do not give legal advice, only financial advice. However, we work closely with family lawyers who can ensure your legal interests are looked after.