Out of Court Settlements

  • If you cannot work out your financial settlement amicably, you may feel that your only solution is to go through the courts and let the court decide on a fair outcome;
  • Most family lawyers would agree that if you can avoid going to court and instead reach an amicable settlement out of court, that would be the preferred way to go as the court process can be extremely expensive, take a long time and be very stressful;
  • Once an agreement has been reached, as only lawyers can give legal advice on the legal content of any agreement, we recommend that each party refer back to their respective family lawyers to obtain legal feedback that their legal rights and interests have been addressed;
  • As accountants, ADS can look at all the options of reaching a settlement and make sure the settlement makes financial sense as well as being fair and equitable;
  • We work closely with many family lawyers and we can provide them with a clear and concise summary of your financial settlement and any supporting documents as required, which can save you on legal costs;
  • We do not take sides and can work with both parties in an open, friendly non-confrontational way;
  • Clients can enjoy a huge saving on legal fees and a much faster, easier way to reach a settlement without going through the stressful legal processes;