Other Services

After separation or divorce, there are many other issues that both parties may need to consider, and I can refer clients to various experts for advice on matters including the following:

  • Obtaining confirmation from a mortgage broker as to whether existing joint loans on their properties can be re-financed by one of the parties into their own name, if required;
  • Conveyancing of properties that may need to be transferred between the parties and ensuring that any exemptions from having to pay stamp duty are applied for;
  • Investment advice on what to do with net assets or funds received as a result of a property settlement;
  • Tax planning advice on the most tax efficient way to structure their finances for minimising tax;
  • Assets protection advice to look at the best structures to use for safeguarding assets for their beneficiaries, for example advice on trusts and companies;
  • Wills and estate planning advice, as often a previous will while the parties were in a relationship may no longer be valid.